Why Lifestyle Photography? | Chicago couple + maternity + family photographer

Before I tell my why, I would love to tell you the story behind it.

I started my journey with photography in a documentary photography school, and that filled my soul with inspiration and a huge dose of social awakening. I worked in a few projects related with hunger and absences back home. 

With documentary photography I opened my eyes toward other realities, I met other people with different points of view, with other focuses on what was happening around us. I went to places that healed my wounds, and others that minimized my complains. I was joyful and felt completely hole and at times, sent me to the deepest pits of sadness when being expose to the harshest realties I’ve ever had to witness. When the moving moment approached, I felt that our new road was drawn, I felt ready… I learned from pain and from joy too and that is something I will be forever grateful for.

But in the journey of finding “my why” I discovered that I am mainly just a mom with a camera and everything else orbits around that… I frequently assumed that I would remember how it felt to hug my girls or that random expression that made my heart melt, but honestly, some of those little things were disappearing right in front of me, and that was the trigger: I really didn’t want to forget those little precious gifts of motherhood! And if I did, I want to have something that brings memories back, because life is fleeting, moments are constantly coming and going, and no matter how hard I tried, my tired mom brain couldn’t (and still can’t) soak it all… and some of these images move me today, and years from now they will continue to transport me back to what I so desperately long to preserve.

These photographs will keep tangible those little and ephemeral (but beyond meaningful) details, and will also show the girls what their childhood looked like, where they grew up, who showered them with love and how much they were adored (and still are). Does that makes sense to you? Because that’s my why, and being very introspective kind of my purpose too.

Alicia Mayorca Photography | Chicago Lifestyle Family Photographer

So, my deepest desire is to make photographs of those special moments captured from the heart, moments and spaces full of truth, highlighting emotions that tell a story… the story of the incredible humans around me, because I wholeheartedly believe that an image can take us right back to a time and place reminding us not only what it looked like, but how that moment felt .  

As you may see, I’m all about preserving precious moments and capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary, and it’s because of this that I take a lifestyle approach with a twist (a big one) of documentary to my photography. My approach is to capture life as it happens. It tells the story of real life and, to me, there is no better story. Posed portraits and I, are just not meant to be. Instead, I want to create images that are moment-driven, and I won’t lie here, I direct a little but the magic and interaction are real!

You know, life is short, unpredictable and a very humbling ride. That’s the way it has been for us and wouldn’t change it a bit, how about yours? Don’t you think your story is worth to be captured?