Who the heck am I? | Chicago couple + maternity + family photographer

Hola chicos!!!

I’m Alicia, a Venezuelan photographer living in the amazing and breathtaking city of Chicago. I’ve never written a blog post before, and after reading many blogs (since blogs first came out!) the idea of me writing became stronger and stronger over time… but what would I write about??? And how? Was it even a real possibility? 

While hustling with that idea, a dear friend of mine recently told me: “Why not tell your story? From Venezuela to Chicago, and everywhere in between.” (Thanks Cyn, I love you!)

That clicked so profoundly in me. I actually need a place to vent (and don’t get me wrong, this is not going to be a “novela” LOL), and even though life has not always been peaches with cream, I want to be honest, spread good vibes, build a safe space and encourage my community to share cotidianity (good and bad). I want to share my love for photography, motherhood and the photogenic wonders Chicago has to offer because I am constantly exploring and adventuring throughout the city with my girls.

So, I think for today, starting from the beginning is probably the best idea, so please let me introducing myself: 

Image credit to the crazy talented Naty Lashly

Image credit to the crazy talented Naty Lashly

I am a wife, mother of two wonderful girls, daughter of remarkably brave and adventurous parents, number 9 (yes! 9) of 10 kiddos.  We are a very big modern family… really, you have no idea! I am also an environmental engineer and a Beatles lover. 

Image Credit to our dear friends Imagen Sevilla

Image Credit to our dear friends Imagen Sevilla

We packed up the life we knew in Venezuela nearly two years ago with two girls and a dog and left our home (and our hearts) behind. Chicago is home for now, while the hubby finishes his PhD in materials engineering.

I am lifestyle photographer with a documentary twist completely in love with black and white. To me, my portfolio is not just a collection of pictures. Those images are memories that tell a story.

My girls napping and their loyal dream guardian, Sir William Blake.

My girls napping and their loyal dream guardian, Sir William Blake.

To be honest, I’m not sure what this blog will become… so I’m not going to make any grand promises, but I can promise you this: I will provide my honest opinions, photography tips, down-to-earth point of views and my work. This is just a space to be me, because I wholeheartedly believe that the connection between photographers and their subjects, is very important in order to capture amazing and honest moments. 

Expect to see the beautiful families I’ve met, read stories of my crazy adventures about life abroad, and have a peak into my quest to expand my photography beyond just a side passion and into a career.

What about you guys? Who are YOU? Let me know in the comments below.

Con amor,