What to wear Guide

Having your photos taken is very exciting experience and of course, everyone wants to look their best... The getting dress part however, can be hard sometimes and I completely relate to that!! Even though my mission is to capture how you feel during the session (and not so much how you look), I feel the need of soothing my people by offering a few tips to help out with my (by far) most asked question.

Fashion it’s not my field of expertise, and if you know me, nothing about me says polished and fashion, reason why I’ve teamed up with the amazing Ways of Style to bring you a sort of ‘What to Wear’ guide.

One of my mantras is: If you feel good, you will look good, and that shows in pictures! :) So, you can dress as casually or formal as you feel like it, just make sure it reflects who you are, and feel AMAZING in it!


  • Get inspired by your location. Location + Season will mark where to start. A wild flower garden is a great place for neutrals and romantic choices. Urban Fall session are ideal for bold colors and layers. A day at the beach will scream flowy fabrics and tons of blue, minty tones and whites.

  • Coordinate, don’t copy. You don’t want everyone looking the same. Choose coordinating colors (two or three) that are flattering for everyone, and work those colors into each outfit varying lengths, layers and textures.

  • Dressing Mom. Mom will choose first and will set the pace for the rest of the family’s wardrobe. Yes to mixing it up with textures: tulle skirt, a fur vest, a fluffy scarf, or a denim jacket paired with a lace dress. Also, make sure the outfit is kid’s friendly if you have little ones.

  • For the Kids. Comfortable, fitted and weather appropriate is a must for kids!

  • Shoes matter. Nothing ruins your shot like a pair of a beat-up pair of shoes. Simple, comfortable shoes are ideal. And dad, please, careful with the socks. Also, no crocks!

  • Yes to timeless and classic. The last thing you want is looking at your pics 20 years from now and be questioned about your risky fashion choices.

  • Make up. The no-make-up makeup look is the best way to go, but again it will all depend on your personality and style. Moisturized skin with a subtle glow, highlight your eyes with mascara, some eye liner and a touch of lip color, is an ideal makeup look I recommend for my sessions.

  • Keep hair natural. Beachy waves are always a great options. Think of movement.

  • Accessorize Artfully. Hats, belts, socks, scarves, jewelry, shoes but always remember that less is more. And when it comes to kids, if they are going to wear bows, hats or headbands, please make sure they like it. Happy and comfortable kids are my jam!!!

  • Absolutely yes to keeping it real. You must feel you, you must feel comfortable and please remember that your smile and good vibes will always be your best accessory.


  • No logos wording, brand & characters

  • No matchy-matchy

  • No to neon colors

  • Clothes that pull focus from the subjects themselves

Here are a few wardrobe examples of families who according to me, have nailed it:





Really hope this post eases the “getting ready” phase of your photoshoot and wish you tons of pretty and happy pics.

Keep me posted about the results! :)