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How to prepare for your Lifestyle Family session

My idea with family photography is to give you one more opportunity to disconnect, relax and enjoy the love and company of your crew and to create meaningful memories enjoying what Chicago has to offer. And of course, get photographed as it happens. So, after a little brainstorming, here are a few tips that I think might help to prepare your kids (and the whole crew) for your next family photography session.

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Why Lifestyle Photography?

My deepest desire is to make photographs of those special moments captured from the heart, moments and spaces full of truth, highlighting emotions that tell a story… the story of the incredible humans around me. As you may see, I take a lifestyle approach with a twist (a big one) of documentary to my photography. My approach is to capture life as it happens. It tells the story of real life and, to me, there is no better story.

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Who the heck am I?

I am lifestyle photographer with documentary twist. To me, my portfolio is not just a collection of pictures. Those images are memories that tell a story.  Expect to see the beautiful families I’ve met, read stories of my crazy adventures about life abroad, and have a peak into my quest to expand my photography beyond just a side passion and into a career.

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