Mother to Mother: Chicago Moms supporting Venezuelan Mothers

May is here. A month that comes with the splendor of spring and officially opens the 2019 photoshoot season! May is also known for Mother’s Day, and even though we will skip that celebration this year (for obviously painful reasons), I felt like giving back and taking this holiday to help out and appreciate others, and somehow I came up with the idea of connecting moms in Chicago with moms in Venezuela. 

You might be thinking WHY? Well, let me try to explain it real quick. 

Venezuela (my home country) is currently going through the most serious humanitarian crisis of our history. Venezuela’s population is around 30 million and 82% is just eating twice a day. Near 15% is eating once a day and sometimes once every two days. This horrible reality is affecting directly our children with fewer resources and has triggered an increase in child malnutrition and a horrible agony for mothers who are struggling to provide.

On the other hand, Motherhood is something that deserves to be captured. The good, the bad, the joy, the struggles and everything in between. I am more than aware that most of us don’t have enough time to have every special moment captured and that’s when everything clicked for me. What if I could donate my time and talent to provide sweet moments that will live through generations, in 25 mins, to moms around me and at the same time help to provide food for kids and help mothers miles away from here?

I strongly believe every child deserves access to food, so I’m here today to offer Mother’s Day Mini Sessions to help fundraise alimenta la solidaridad in their mission to provide food for venezuelan kids.

How to do it?

Go to the gofundme site of Alimenta La Solidaridad and donate the amount for the mini session ($150) and after that, please send me the screenshot with the date, hour and place of your preference and you will be ready to go! First come, First Served Basis (more info on available dates at the end of this post). All profits, as I said before, will be directly donated by you to alimenta la solidaridad

With $ 150 you will be providing food for 6 kids for 10 weeks.  

But, why Venezuelan Mothers? If there is hunger all over the globe…

Well, mainly because, everything changes when it is someone you know!

I’ve seen with my own eyes the horror they have to go through to cover basic needs like health, food, water and education.  I’ve seen them cook outside with wood because there is no electricity or gas. I’ve seen them go up and down more than 150 steep stairs carrying heavy containers of water because there is no water coming out from the pipes. I’ve seen the agony of not having electricity and worry about food decomposing, that same food they struggled to find and on which they literally spent all the money they had to get it. I’ve seem them deal with hunger and I’ve also seen them loose weight and die sooner than they should have.

There are so many things we usually take for granted. Things that are big challenges in many countries around the world, including Venezuela.

This statistics show the severity of the Venezuelan crisis:
- 7 out of every 10 Venezuelan children have symptoms of malnutrition
- 6 out of 10 parents stop eating so their children can eat
- 4 out of 10 children stop going to school due to lack of food in the home
- The number of households living in poverty in Venezuela increased by 48% at the end of 2018.

Why Alimenta la Solidaridad? (which in english means “Feed Solidarity”) 

Because I believe in them!  

Alimenta La Solidaridad is an organization that develops sustainable solutions to the hunger of Venezuelan families with children, with the objective of facing (in collaboration with the community) the threat of child malnutrition. By opening in-site kitchens that provide children with lunch Monday through Friday and involving the mothers in the food preparation process, empowers them to become leaders in their communities.

The first dining room opened its doors in Caracas in 2016. Today, they have served more than a million meals and are present in 26 locations around Caracas and 10 states around the country with 127 dining rooms that benefit 9620 kids and empower over 1000 women (mothers, grandmothers and neighbors) who are trained in key areas such as contagious diseases, food handling, etc.

Alimenta La Solidaridad to me, is a ray a hope and it’s the clear example that the good ones are more! (Los buenos somos mas)

About the Mini Sessions: 

Perfect for moms + kids, grandmas + grandkids, or soon-to-be moms. 

What’s included? 25 mins - 10 images

Dates and Places:

Lincoln Park Pavilion - Friday 5/17

6:30pm - 7:00pm - 7:30pm

Montrose Beach - Saturday 5/18

6:30pm - 7:00pm - 7:30pm

Horner Park Nature Area - Sunday 5/19

6:30pm - 7:00pm - 7:30pm

I am a Venezuelan Mother, and even though I’m miles away from home, I feel their struggle close to my heart.  I really hope to count on you. Please be a part of this movement and help me spread the word about #AlimentaLaSolidaridad.

Thank you for reading and caring! Can’t wait to capture how motherhood feels like to you framed by the beauty of spring.

Con amor,