Horner Park Chicago Family Photography Session

I met this beautiful family at Horner Park and I fell involve with them almost instantly!! 

This summer family session is a very good example of why honest family photography matters: to always remember the special connection that you share with one another, by letting your family photos express emotions and feelings that words sometimes cannot.

You know I always say life is fleeting, and photography, certainly helps to preserve memories and stories as part of our legacy… Let’s hold them close and pass them down! Let’s share with the world some visual moments of those we love, so that they, probably as the time pass by, can feel a glimmer of the joy we feel when we reflect on those fun days.

That day this beautiful family danced, laughed, cuddled, and played. They let me captured the essence of who they are as they absolutely fueled my artistic soul, they gave me access and that’s something I always appreciate and treasure... I wholeheartedly hope that when they look back on their life as a family, find their photographs and will remember them exactly what they looked like and exactly how they felt that day. 

And this is the story of how the park across the street became the dreamiest location for the coolest Family session ever!

Hope to see you around my friends!