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Farewell, 1st grade! #Carla Reads

Now that summer is here, we already have a big schedule ahead, however, we will not forget the importance of reading to keep developing young learning brains actively during this time of rest.

We have a full of 70ish days until school starts again on Sept 3rd. and to support my daughter’s new reading journey, I came up with the idea of starting a reading summer project called: carla_reads: 1 book per day for the whole summer!

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Mother to Mother: Chicago Moms supporting Venezuelan Mothers

May is here, and with it comes Mother’s Day, and somehow I came up with the idea of connecting Moms around me with Venezuelan Mothers.  So, I’m here today, to offer Mother’s Day Mini Sessions to capture a slice of the beauty of motherhood, and with your purchase you will be supporting venezuelan mothers in the struggle to provide food for their kids. 

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Letter to my Mother-in-law

Bedelia had a huge heart and a very caring spirit. She was my mother in law. But, she was not just that… She was my favorite person in Javier’s family! 

She passed away last Saturday, and our hearts are shattered in pieces. 

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Capturing Everyday Moments in Your Family’s Life | Chicago Couple + Maternity + Family Photographer

Turning your camera towards your home and your family in a very introspective way, will allow you to capture not only what you look like, but also what it feels like to be you, how you see things, and by doing this you will show your loved ones just how much they mean to you, how much you love them. Those images will help you tell them the amazing story of the wonderful humans you are and how much they were loved.

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Why Lifestyle Photography? | Chicago couple + maternity + family photographer

My deepest desire is to make photographs of those special moments captured from the heart, moments and spaces full of truth, highlighting emotions that tell a story… the story of the incredible humans around me. As you may see, I take a lifestyle approach with a twist (a big one) of documentary to my photography. My approach is to capture life as it happens. It tells the story of real life and, to me, there is no better story.

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Who the heck am I? | Chicago couple + maternity + family photographer

I am lifestyle photographer with documentary twist. To me, my portfolio is not just a collection of pictures. Those images are memories that tell a story.  Expect to see the beautiful families I’ve met, read stories of my crazy adventures about life abroad, and have a peak into my quest to expand my photography beyond just a side passion and into a career.

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