Farewell, 1st grade! #Carla Reads

Farewell 1st grade!

This post is for Carla, and I’m writing this with the illusion that one day she will read it and remember what it is like to be perseverant: to feel challenged and still have the courage and discipline to overcome it!

Oh Carlita, What a hard year we just overcame!… 1st grade has been the hardest so far!!

With only one year of US schooling -kindergarten- under our belts, we had a few growing pains along the way... soon we learned that 1st grade was no joke! Thanks to your wonderful teacher (who I’m pretty sure was the answer to our prayers) and your love for learning, you were able to blossom with special reading superpowers.

As you can imagine, this year I became THAT mom! I was that mom trying really hard but often falling short. I tested a lot of patience (from a lot of people) around the school as I was desperately seeking for help while you were that kid… that struggling kid! We sought for help, we had extra homework, we cried and fight together but at the very end of the school year, we made it! You impressed me with your now developed reading skill when one day you grabbed an English/Spanish book, and out of nowhere, you started reading by yourself in both languages. It felt almost like a life lesson that reassures that it was worth the wait!

Now, Summer is here!!! and as you saw on our bucket list, we already have a big schedule ahead, however, we can not forget the importance of reading to keep developing young learning brains (like yours) actively during this time of rest.

We have a full of 70ish days until school starts again on Sept 3rd. and to support your new reading journey, I came up with the idea of starting a reading summer project called: carla_reads. You will select the book of the day, and read it out loud while I document you (photographically of course) and share reviews about that book, so other moms can use that information to help their kids as well.

By reading, kids will exercise concentration, understand and develop the power of imagination and by letting you select the books you want to read, you will grow from your own identity while promoting your love for reading.

That's why today I am writing this, so we do not forget that once, with 7 years old, you understood for the first time the benefits of perseverance and hard work. You received the rewards of all the hard work you’ve done, so please remember that your determination will always lead you to overcome obstacles and reach your own goals, which made me feel super proud and I hope you remember I will always be there backing you up.

At the end of the day, you kept the sweetest smile in the most gracious way during those stormy days and you achieved what you wanted and with the enjoyment of an adventure that will remain forever... I couldn't feel prouder of all the things you have accomplished and can't wait to keep walking next to you along this long and fulfilling learning ride!